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If you are looking for PR agency which will present you with a well-thought-out strategy for Public Relations activities, and not just a set of tools it offers
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About us

If you are looking for an agency which will present you with a well-thought-out strategy for Public Relations activities, and not just a set of tools it offers, or a collection of logotypes, you are in the right place. We are also naturally ready to show you our logotypes :) because for over 9 years we’ve had the honour of supporting a number of Polish and foreign brands in building their positions on the market. We appreciate every company that trusts us and our competence. This is a confirmation for us that we have made the right decision to go our own way.

We appreciate a good working atmosphere, because it is reflected in how we work for our Customers. We are a well-knit and small team. We believe that at the end of the day the most important is who leads the project every day, and not only who presents the strategy. Our team is not only composed of PR experts. We have artistic souls aboard who prepare infographics used for our actions, select photos, or even take them. Social media enthusiasts. Those who like training others. And those who love data and their analysis.


More about us and the team can be found here.


If you decide to cooperate, you will met the person you will work with at the first meeting. We always also delegate a second person in order to ensure the safety and smoothness of the work. At the beginning of the cooperation, we offer training on how liaison with journalists works, how to prepare for it, and what to expect. This is a good foundation for further actions, and the time invested will more than pay for itself.


Quality is the most important for us, because at the end of the day it is we, not the head office or the Management Board, who will lose a customer. Therefore, we personally get involved in every project, and we stand guarantee for the team. We believe that long-term cooperation in a wider scope gives the best results, but we are flexible. You might only need to send a press release or organise a press conference, or maybe all you need is consultation on improving contacts with the media – whatever it is – visit us!


More about the packages we offer can be found here

We like meeting. First with Clients. The better we know the company, the better the results of our work will be. The more often we see one another, the more interesting information will be generated for us and for the media. Not only do we send e-mails. We also call and ask. We regularly meet journalists. We maintain the principle that at the beginning we meet all the key journalists. In our opinion, the strength of personal contact cannot be overestimated. Therefore, we always have time for such a series of meetings. This pays off, both for us and for our Clients.


If, in addition to PR activities, you need support in conducting activities in social media or recommendation marketing, we will integrate these activities into a single strategy. You need to organise workshops for journalists, a study visit or a photo session – send us a request and see what we can offer.


Find out what services we offer.


Write, call us or visit our office – we would be pleased to show you what we can offer. We brew good coffee (ourselves!).

Visit us! – Ania and Agnieszka