Adrianna Dzienis, Junior PR Specialist

My experience from the fin-tech sector has made me especially fond of new technologies, without which I could not imagine my life now, and has also sparked my interest in the financial market, a place which fascinates me more and more every day.

Adrianna_DzienisWhat I find very appealing about PR is the possibility to make use of one’s social skills, both in contacts with the media and in building customer relations. In my daily work, I manage communications between clients from the B2B and marketing sectors, which keeps me abreast with the worlds of economy and the media. I am interested in broadly defined communications and advertising, and in particular how they impact on our awareness and perception of the world. For leisure, I enjoy exploring the intricacies of Slavic languages, browsing through the latest economic trivia, and discovering new interesting spots on the tourist map of Poland. My day is not complete if I don’t have a cup of green tea and watch at least one episode of my favourite TV series.