Paulina Bielska, Junior PR Specialist

I continue to explore the ins and outs of Public Relations, because I now know that this is the area in which I truly feel confident.

Paulina_BielskaThe work at the agency always gives me opportunities to learn something new. ‘Boredom’ or ‘monotony’ are terms which thankfully are not there in my PR glossary. Constant change and a fast-paced work environment are perfect for me to develop. PR is a sector which lets me spread my wings in various areas as it requires being up to date with the surrounding world and makes it possible to meet new people. It never ceases to surprise me, every day presenting new challenges which I am happy to take up.


What is the most important to me at the moment is to learn and develop. I spend my days not only in the office, but also at the University of Warsaw where I have been pursuing a programme in Media Logistics. In my free time, I like to watch a good movie, have dinner with family and friends, go on a walk with my dog or, depending on motivation, do a bit of running.