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We specialise in planning and implementing comprehensive Public Relations strategies. We offer a full range of tools to successfully mark your presence in the media.
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We specialise primarily in planning and implementing comprehensive Public Relations strategies. We offer a full range of tools needed to successfully mark your presence in the media. Our experience shows that the best results can be obtained through long-term cooperation with the media and the implementation of a strategy which integrate various tools configured to coherent driving concepts and the intended objective.

Usługi PR: Strategie PR
Comprehensive PR strategies and campaigns

PR strategy is the essence and the beginning of our work. We work on it as a team, and we see it holistically.

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We look for the best solution tailored to the company, its current needs, market position and budget.

For us the basis for a good communication strategy is a thorough and comprehensive analysis.

We work closely with the Client from the beginning – we analyse the business situation, the presence of the company/brand in the media, identify its strengths, learn about the competition, challenges or any crisis hotspots. Only then do we develop the Public Relations strategy, preferably on the basis of a completed short briefing or an initial meeting.

We create an individual strategy for PR activities, tailored to the Client’s needs, taking into account marketing, business and sales promotion objectives. We care about the synergy effect. We implement communication projects in the field of corporate and product PR, and we cooperate with the media, experts, authorities, the industry and business organisations.

The strategy is the starting point for the implementation of long-term PR campaigns which enable us to build relationships with the media and imprint the name of the company in the minds of journalists and other target groups. The longer we work with the media, the better results we achieve.

Usługi PR: Digital Social Media
Media relations activities

Working with journalists is the most difficult, but it is also the element of our work which gives us the greatest satisfaction.

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Fortunately, we like it. We enjoy meeting journalists. At the beginning of the project, we usually meet all major editors to make a good start with cooperation. We are available 24/7 for journalists. We do not wait for a call from a journalist. We propose topics.

We offer a full range of services necessary to effectively carry out Media Relations activities.

Press office
As part of Media Relations activities, we run the Client’s press office – we manage all contacts with the media. We provide substantive press materials to the media, according to their needs and profile. We arrange interviews and statements. And, above all, we regularly have meetings with journalists, personally providing them the latest press releases and looking together for cooperation opportunities.

Konferencje i spotkania prasowe

We support Media Relations activities using the appropriately selected tools, such as conferences and press meetings, workshops, briefings, presentations of new products and collections, journalists’ visits to the Client’s head office, and creative packages.

We also provide media support for such events as the marketing of new products, trade fairs, industry and thematic conferences, panels, visits by prominent individuals (CEOs, company experts), galas, integration meetings for employees and the opening of showrooms.

Media monitoring

We monitor the media (the press, Internet, TV, radio), prepare qualitative and quantitative analyses of the image of companies, brands, and services in the media, and we prepare reports on competitive brands.

Usługi PR: Media Relations
Media and crisis training

Interactive media training and crisis communication - theory and practice tailored to the needs of the company.

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We are more than keen on sharing our long experience in Public Relations and media communication with others. Are you a company officer or a board member and you would like to fairly represent your company in the media and feel confident in relations with journalists? Are you an employee responsible for external business communication and your desire is to improve the effects of your work? Are you a manager and you are looking forward to bettering your competences within communication and gaining new skills? Or maybe you are an HR specialist who is looking for new ways of professional development for your employees? See if you can find a training option suitable for you or contact us and it will be us who will suit it to you.

Usługi PR: Strategie PR

The package includes the preparation of a comprehensive strategy, ready to be implemented with a timetable.


The package includes the preparation of a comprehensive strategy and its implementation.

Usługi PR: Digital Social Media

The package is the preparation of the concept of how to reach the media and its implementation.


The package includes the preparation of a press release for the media, a media list, sending a press release, contact with journalists once the material has been provided, media monitoring and a report for the Client.


The package includes the preparation of the concept of the event and its implementation (production and media services).


Hourly packages covering advice from the Agency – the Client decides what they are used for. This is, of course, just a starting point. We are always ready to prepare a dedicated programme.