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We are more than keen on sharing our long experience in Public Relations and media communication with others. Find a training option suitable for you or contact us.
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We are more than keen on sharing our long experience in Public Relations and media communication with others. Are you a company officer or a board member and you would like to fairly represent your company in the media and feel confident in relations with journalists? Are you an employee responsible for external business communication and your desire is to improve the effects of your work? Are you a manager and you are looking forward to bettering your competences within communication and gaining new skills? Or maybe you are an HR specialist who is looking for new ways of professional development for your employees? See if you can find a training option suitable for you or contact us and it will be us who will suit it to you.

Media training – taming the media


Learn how to build your image in the media effectively, get acquainted with editorial office work and try to use this knowledge in practice. The training introduces you into media world, its intricate peculiarity and character. You will discover the secrets of back-office work of a journalist. From now on, media will be easier to communicate with, even during a crisis. The training engages the experienced partner – a company specializing in unconventional media trainings.

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The training will be hosted by the following experts: two experienced journalists working in the media – one in TV and the second in radio; a camera operator and a long-experienced PR consultant. The schedule consists of two parts: theoretical and practical one.

In the theoretical part, within an hour and half maximum, participants will learn how to prepare speeches, get the key messages across to the audiences, answer difficult and tricky questions, cope with stress and also look good in front of the camera, especially during a crisis.

In the practical part, they will have an occasion to be a part of video and audio recording. During the training, they will get familiar with professional equipment, such as: video camera, TV lighting set or audio recording devices.

Every training can be easily adjusted to the needs of a specific company and broadened by additional elements.

How to manage communication during a crisis ?


The base for crisis management is good preparation. Take part in our training and be well prepared for any eventuality. We will create a map of crises for your organization, proceeding plan, communication draft for the media and advise you on presenting yourself in front of the camera.

Thanks to these, you will possess the abilities and knowledge which will let you escape any crisis unharmed.

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The training involves interactive workshops with the elements of camera presentation. During this time, you will learn crisis typology, depended on the type of a crisis the rules concerning media communication and you will learn how to prepare a statement for the media. We will acquainted you with good self-presentation in front of the camera and show you what is worth paying attention to when recording a material for the media.

In the workshop part, under the advisory of an experienced journalist and trainer also, you will learn how to respond to difficult questions, record short videos, present yourself in a TV studio, speak properly and buffer against difficulties of a crisis (questions concerning the scope of the industry of the participant’s company).

Public relations for the beginners


You are responsible for PR management and you would like to perform better but you are not fully convinced of hiring a PR agency? Would you like to acquaint your employees with what is within the competencies of such an agency? We are more than happy to share our knowledge on how to create attractive media messages, work with journalists and why not every press release is a good one and what is important in arranging an interview.

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The training is conducted by two experienced PR specialists and it takes the form of a workshop where we combine theory with practice.

In theoretical part you will know what a good PR strategy should look like, how to create media messages and which tools should be used taking into account the needs, subject, budget and media we are aiming at to communicate with.

Another case are press releases – how to create them so as to reach the media – beginning from the subject and ending with the form. We will show you how to elaborate a pattern of effective media communication.